Devendra Banhart !! Stylish Folk Singer
0 comment Wednesday, April 16, 2014 |

when I'm thinkin about devendra banhart, i always try to know how he dresses, how he chooses his clothes and all his stuffs. He is really fashionable, with a sexy attitude altough he is one of the hairiest singer !!!
his songs are fantastic and i believe his is an amazin singer
the lyrics, the music, everything is prepared by him
his is a real artist, homeless....rock & roll with his special voice
that's what i love
i wish in the future, his is gonna be famous, i mean more famous
because not so many people knows him !
and he even sang during a Chanel fashion show in NY ! awesome !!
love it !

even his band mates look like model from a gaultier or galliano fashion show !