The Look of Love Is In Your Eyes, A Look, Your Smile Can Disguise
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Finally thank you !!! yeah Versace has hit the right spot !! god!!! good !! lovin this !!! Donatella is someone im making fun of a lot of times but i do think she's quite talented and knows a lot about fashion, but let's say her style isnt pretty iconic but who cares !!? yeah fashion is all about performance and makin one moment memorable forever !! and despite all the bad press surrounded Gianni sister, her time in rehab, her anorexic daughter and her strange face, she proves once again that she can fuck everyone !!! good job ! grazie !plus it seems like the hard times we're going through isnt pretty stylish and people do wear black too much !! so please, just a little effort !! not necessary the red one !! but at least if people could look better, dress smarter...maybe the world would feel happier no !!???