Better Than Victoria's Secret
0 comment Thursday, May 29, 2014 |

i have to admit that I'm just no longer the big vic's secret fan i used to be, now that Gisele is gone !! she was one of those amazin models !! same with naomi campbell !! why wasnt she part of their last show ?
plus I'm fed up with their angels or the so famous very sexy bras !!
improvement !! please !! find some new ideas !!
so when i found those sexy pictures of the great oc-star Rachel Bilson
i completely fell in love
it's fresh and young ! so free and spontaneous !!
better than victoria !! plus Rachel doesnt have the body of a model but she knows how to bring sexiness and even amusement !!
i hope you'll enjoy !
it's from gq
all pictures by Ellen von Unwerth