Everythings Just Wonderfull
0 comment Thursday, May 1, 2014 |
well people say we have to change every year somethin
like stoping smoking, split with your girlfriend, leave your parents house because u just want to commit suicide (I'm not kidding)....
however, everything is still okay with me, i mean i guess
so instead of creating rules ! that no one follows
lets say what we should keep on doing
for example never stop posting on blogger !! plus i met so many cool dudes, some artists, photographs....a lot of interestin nice people !!
that's a first thing ! then reading !! it's really good too
but I'm not talkin about our collection of vogue and id mag !! (gasps !!)
No i said reading !! so what about startin with Proust or Stendahl (i read the red and the black and it was so marvellous)
it's sometimes cool to feel smart, i doesnt mean we need to be serious right ?!!
it's cool to keep on partying, going to exhibitons, to the movies
all i want to say is keep a social lifestyle
the problem with blogger is that we only want comments ! so we spend days and nights front of the computer !! no now u get out !!!
finally never take yourself seriously ! so instead of copying people attitudes, styles, looks...what about inventing ? we have to dare !
all the fashion icons have proved that
so i wish everyone a very good year, full of memorable meetings, with surprises ! lots of surprises !! and dont forget to fall in love !! and u help the people u love and the people u want to share things with