I Always Carry The Sunshine With Me
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im not a "big fan" :)!!! of Nylon mag stuffs
simply because they're too much into the same boring people : Lindsay Lohan twice a year on their cover, same for the Olsen and Mischa Barton
so i kind of feel somethin deja-vu no!!
so well the new issue is not that much impressive i admit
and not original at all !! in fact reunitin the three girls who have posed for french brand ChloƩ is not really smart
we knew it !! so it's not a big surprise !!! i mean not for me !!
but they're lucky enough that those three charmin ladies are talented

thus we have here some of the greatest and most run after girls !!
first with french actress Clemence Poesy
havin graced id-magazine cover, being loved by the designers or simply because she incarnates the new wave of young french girls being liked internationally

then Anja Rubik !! the hottest model
no of course there's still Gisele
but that girl feminity is so wonderfull to look at
her personal style is right for the moment and her hairstyle too

finally the queen Chloe Sevigny, iconic actress
known for her provocativeness roles and attitude generally
in terms of fashion, she's a trendsetter !! a partygirl
the one all the girls wanna be