Plus Bleu, Que Le Bleu De Tes Yeux, Je Ne Vois Rien De Mieux, Meme Le
Bleu Des Cieux
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No no im not goin in holiday !!!! i mean some may thing im leavin the cold and cloudy Paris for my warm island of Tahiti !! but it was a dreammm !!!! but i really really love those shots taken from the december issue 08 of Vogue Russia with Masha Novoselova !! and actually my friends told me this morning that it's gonna snow in Paris !!!!!!!! god can this be possible !! sometimes i have doubts as everyone knows, friends are the best liars !! but anyway !! i dont want to make everyone cry etc but there's a lot of rumors about Anna Wintour retirement !! Vogue may loose soon one of her greatest goddess !! and it's funny because Vogue US has became boring but in the meantime, the others are more and more clever !! Vogue China is interesting !! Vogue Russia is becomin the new Bible even tough they still need to understand the daring way of Vogue Paris and the artistic vision of Vogue Italia......................a long way to go
ps : im not supporting their latest cover with Naomi Campbell and her white fur !! i dont mind fur actually but it looks too much like one old cover with Kate Moss on Vanity Fair !!! yess that's an old cliche !! please i need somethin new....