You Are Crazy In Love With Anonimity ! But Honestly Who Are U ?
0 comment Saturday, May 24, 2014 |

there's always a kind of sad feelin occuring when u get to see male fashion magazine covers !! i always wonder if im probably too crazy, lookin for too fancifull spreads that it prevents me from enjoying simplicity !! well that's a fact !!! but knowin all the talented people out there makes me sick !! what a pity seein model Jon Kortajanera lookin that great on that pic but being so useless and boring at the same time !! please be daring !!!! and it doesnt mean it's a question of being provocative, controversial or simply excentric !! i mean i dont necessary ask for editorial with crazy Gareth Pugh outfits or Jeremy Scott funny designs !!! but where is the creativity here ! only the Jil Sander clothes he has on makes me glad !!!! but arent covers meant to make people buy ?
ps : and please dont search for the women's version which is worst !!! moreover, the thing is that Olga Sherrer is gracing it!!!! poor her !! it's so shamefull !!! i guess i really need to talk to them !!!