You're A Little Silly !! Am I Wrong ?
0 comment Sunday, May 4, 2014 |

have u watched the news lately ?
maybe !! or i just hope so
so there's one thing i'd like to know, have u seen the french president trip to UK with france's first lady ?
well im not gonna talk about politics !!! not at all
nor about the new relation between those countries
but about Carla Bruni

i was just so glad seeing finally a first lady with that charm and chicness
of course she's a model, a former one but she still has some tricks
the way she wore those Dior outfits was fabulous and her elegance was just exactly perfect for those occasions
by the way, they choose Dior's designed by Galliano to symbolize the union between France and United Kingdom !!
let's be chauvinist a little !!!
ps: does Carla really needs Nicholas ? she stole the show the whole time