Moi Je Laisse Ces Microbes Ces Missiles Aux Bavards, Aux Poetes Si
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i dont wanna sound mean but why is Vogue China havin on its cover for november Agyness Deyn !!? again !!? and why are they always payin tribute to western cultures or to europeans icons whereas China is full of interestin people !! please be more chauvinist !!! i mean Vogue Paris' always havin french icons on their covers and it's normal no !!? same with US Vogue even tough it's more commercial than anything !! but who cares !! China has the power now and the people realize they're gonna play an important role in the future, in terms of economic power, politics decisions or environmental issues !! and culturally of course ! so what are they wanting for ?!!! invade our minds and soul please !!im sick of all those things I've already learnt !
ps : however im lovin this editorial featuring british socialite Theodora Richards as a UK fashionista doll which isnt hard to do for this chick !! i mean, we've seen her at every London couture bash, front row in Paris or havin fun with designers or rich kids in Ibiza !!!
ps2 : oh yeah i forgot to say that i plan to come to London for holiday !! i need vacations !!! we're all tired !