A Present For New Year Eve
0 comment Saturday, April 26, 2014 |

yeah i know, I'm sweet !! lol !!
I'm just happy youtube.com exists so i can watch some cool videos i wont see because i live in a lost small island in the pacific ocean ! unless it is tahiti right ?!!
so the two videos right here shows the wonderfull male model Ryan Taylor
i just love him
he has this sensitive face, very boyish
and i just feel we shouldnt hurt him, strange feelin ?!!
plus i love the fact that he shows in his pictures somethin very modern, in the air of time ! evandro was brilliant but it may be over for him now
moreover i wonder how is it gonna be for Ryan cause he's just 16, i guess he may be 17 now ! not a big difference ! so he's young and already doing the best shows in milan and paris and editorials too !! i think we should support him
and i heard he's into drugs ?!! rumors !! people are so jealous ! that's stupid