Cuz You Best Be Believing, I Wont Be Deceivin My God
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Experiencing the Terry Richardson work is like gettin into a macho-man universe where girls are objects of desire, a true fantasm, definitely a cliché ! yeah i have to say that Richardson work is sometimes so predictable but also easily recognizable !! but that's the problem, the real issue actually !!most of the time, u can get pretty glad as Terry work is raw, trash but funny and aethetically erotic and sensual but in the meantime it can look like a stereotype, somethin deja-vu :!!!!! and that's probably one of the main reason why i dont really like those shots from the Vogue Paris 2009 calendar !!!! but im happy with the cast !! black girls : Jourdan, Lakshmi and Arlenis !! and even one asian girl : Liu Wen !! it's seems like the new generation is finally here :! finally we get an idea of what the catwalk is goin to look like !! i also like the styling mainly made of Louis Vuitton lingerie line !! but maybe somethin darker with bloody nurses would have been better !!!!! who knows !!? killer women can look smokin hot :) (Tomb Raider, Poison Ivy or Catwoman for example )
ps : I've seen the new Paris Vogue with Stefanie de Monaco as the invited editor and honestly, it's boring and so disappointed !!! there's like one spread with Milla Jovovich and one with another model ! and that's all !! but the cover is nice :!!!! but why has the Roitfeld team decided to put such an uninspiring woman and useless socialite !!!? please...