Wouldn't It Be A Waste ?
0 comment Saturday, April 26, 2014 |

what happened to our friend George Clooney ?!!! nothin actully
i mean Jean-Batiste Mondino just threw mud on him !! but it's alright !!
i mean we shouldnt care for him
he earned enough money so he can pay himself for his whole life a cure at the beauty specialist thanks to the " Nespresso what else ? " campaign
so im really not worried !! should i ?
those pictures originally appeared in the NYTimes website
actually there's an interview of the actor
well I've been quite pleased seein this major american playboy and actor lookin that dirty and absolutely ridiculous
i mean there's always a part of each of us we wanna forget
but it happen most of the time at the beginnin
for example all those famous today-stars that once appeared when they were 22 in a porn movie because they had to pay their motel bills !!!
but why is George doin this now ?!!! after all the money he received from movies and as a buglar as Ocean ! he could pay himself some real pictures
or maybe he just wanna prove he's too relax to at least once act like a bullshit hollywood icon !! lovin him
let's play in the mud then