Please Dont Drop It
0 comment Friday, April 25, 2014 |

fashion weeks are moments in a fashion lover life when he wants to update his fashion knowledge, to feel like when he's gonna purchase anything, it's gonna be the best thing !!!! and of course at the right price !! because we all have designers friends right ?
so there's one thing we're not talkin a lot about but hair is important !!!
well so there's one trend i have noted while surfin on different blogs those last days !! so i dont know how to define it but....
in a very poetic way I'll say it's like havin a little bush growin on someone's head, or like a medusa !! much more poetic right ?!!
so i dont know if it's easy doin it
actually my hair is a bit longer so im not gonna try
but i like it a lot
it gives a little feminity to the guy face, a kind of wildness too that i just like
im not sure we'll see this a lot
maybe except by hairdressers, models, fashion followers or just smart guys who have good tastes !? no ?
all pictures are from dirtydirtydancing (with henry holland for those who havent see ) the imagist, coacd and garancedore