My Designer Drug Wants My Heart To Rave ! Go Fuck Yourself In Rehab
0 comment Friday, April 25, 2014 |

A good fashion editorial is essentially for me, the proof that we can make fashion without talkin only and about clothes and looks ! and that's exactly what Matthew Edelstein, the editor in chief of the contributor editor webzine succeed in doing here !! i also wanna salute the work of the photographer Thomas Whiteside who really captured from my point of view, a warm and sexy masculine moment ! but let's face it, it's a simple idea with one boy and a lucky deckchair ! in fact, for those who arent model addict like me, the boys here are Mark Carroll, Vladimir Ivanov, John Kenney, Logan McNeil, and Andrey Ivanov ! and as you can see, they're pretty handsome and not afraid to dressed down ! now i can understand more than ever why they call that spread " i want you " ! but i still wonder, are they talkin about the model or the clothes ?
ps : it's really nice to see such cute pictures, done pretty easily and the result is fantastic ! and i can image them without any doubts in 10+ magazine or Vogue Hommes International ! some big changes are in the air !