Keep Your Wallet Empty
0 comment Friday, April 25, 2014 |

each time super-uber-parisian shop Colette launches somethin, it's immediately sold out !! so when i found that great collaboration between Supreme and Kermit with a shootin made by the great Terry Richardson
yeah it's a strange mix but why not right ?!!
so for those who are in Paris check this exhibtion
it's definitely funny and i guess it's part of those big trends in fashion
the first one was Marc Jacobs askin Murakami to work for Vuitton
it's was just a big mistake for all the fashion-lovers who thought mixin mangas stuffs with french luxe-bourgeoisie was bad
but he proved it was the best way to attract the consumers from all over the planet and now it's still a must have ! I'll even say it will remain a must-have in fashion history ! same with Richard Prince collection
i guess the art influence over fashion has exclusively some positive vibes
i say this mainly becuz we all believe fashion is superficial !! of course it is but not only
i have liked a lot Prada's initiative to work with some artists for her clothes fabrics and even for the animated-movie
it's more and more somethin we'll see in the future
and to be honest it's really good so !! i want more
who knew kermit was such a model? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!