Ay Tu Rayo De Luz Roja, Besando Nuestra Boca, El Beso Que Te Sopla,
Huele A Alcohol !!
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Joseph Bleu has always been for me the guy photographyin nude creatures !!!!!! yes i must admit im a fan of all those shots he used to send me !! but time has passed and our visions have changed !! i feel more and more romantic and Joseph is behavin more and more sentimental !! and it's truly great !! he has recently shot Chrisitian Dubosee and Mahtab. What a lovely union right !? but as you know, love can be devastating and quite hurtfull !! and seeing those shots reminds me of that !! especially the last one with the models tensions !! fashion photography depicting the world mystery is just great !! yes please more and more !!! ! next step : the fight !!!
ps : it's strange but the guy could look like Barrack Obama no !!? we must make a fashion spread with him dressed as the United States' president !!!