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0 comment Tuesday, April 22, 2014 |

brad pitt wasn't wrong !
there are so cool right now
even tough his looks are not so amazin, i think he showed that men wearing leather sandals or known too as spartiats were not bad

i think it was quite sexy and now it is one of the must have of the season
but it is not only good for guys but for girls too
during last fashion there were some interesting leather sandals at the balenciaga shows ! so great
or here with mary kate olsen
for the boys, it is simple
wear it with socks like at raf simons last spring summer fashion show 08
or just with a beige short and shirtless (six pack necessary ), it could be really good for summer
really awesome ! that total futurist warrior look
with some touch of colors, that's cute
i just wonder where can i get a pair ?