Dont You Wanna Put Diamond Cubes In Your Lemonade ?
0 comment Tuesday, April 22, 2014 |

i must apologize not for posting as much as before !!! yeah im so busy !!! workin on a fab and new project which is somethin so so exciting but scary and risky in the meantime !! so it was normal for me to post those pictures taken from the latest issue of Interview magazine from november ! they're cute no !!? the last one is pretty cute with one of the model dressed in Rodarte !! by the way Halloween is just around the corner !! and it's sad !! no i love that party actually !! who doesnt !!? right ?!! but in Paris, they arent celebrating it at all !!! how lame !! sometimes i dont know why the french act that way !! really conservative sometimes and too traditional !! anyway let's find a great party and get drunk !!!
ps : check my tomorrow post !!! im sure you wont be able to guess who i got the honor and chance to interview !!!!