Come On Barbie !!!! Let's Go Party
0 comment Tuesday, April 22, 2014 |

oh the new Vogue Paris is out !!
the cover is a bit darin with miss Julianne Moore, smokin hot !!
i like the mix between the bourgeois settin, very french appartment and her clothes
seein her boobs and her leopard just make me wanna see more
once again Carine tried that audacious thing, usin a very classic american talented actress mixed with her fashion craziness !! i want more ! and a big thanks to Mario, im sure everyone guess it was him !!
by the way she looks so severe, so fierce, so confident, so french madame in a way
so in order to end it in a good way, there's a cool editorial with Colette for jewels !!isnt it funny ?
so the pictures are from David Slijper
it's too much right ?!! and i guess that's what makes that spread cool and so peculiar from the classic stuffs we usually get to see
i love the make up which seems classic and the hair
or maybe it's the model who manages to make it fabulous
Vogue Paris is definitely the only mag that can give us that much of creativity and makes the customer wanna buy more and own more !!