It's Really Snowing In Paris !!!! It's Fab And Wicked !! Yeah Im In Love
0 comment Monday, April 21, 2014 |

There is nothing better right now than a good and warm trip ! Yes it's cold and cloudy in Europe and the Pirelli Calendar is just the perfect example of where i wanna be right now !!!! oh and those shots !! arent they amazingly perfect !!? but I've been surprised by the fact that they choose Peter Beard who isnt the name everyone has on their lips !! but i wonder why Meisel has not been chosen ! it's quite strange ! no ? there must be somethin behind ! i mean i can understand it knowin the photographer is known for his work on the african landscape and shooting black people !! but is it the only reason !? but i was wondering also why havent they book a black model ?
ps : you should log on their website to see the whole gallery !! some nice shots yeah !!!!! and do you guys have any ideas of where the next calendar is going to be shot ? in the Pacific ? India ?!! Or what about Brazil !!?