Cant Knock Them Out !! Cant Walk Away ! Tryin Desperately To Think of
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You dont necessary need to trust me, but those shots are not from any Vogue nor Dazed & Confused but from Flair magazine !! yes it's impressive !! i was just shocked !! as the stylin is almost perfect, the make up is also very good and the pics were taken by an unknown photographer who's name i forgot !! but who truly got talent !!! yeah sorry dude but u'll be major soon !! so no worries yeah :) �!!! so model Rachel Clark is the lucky fella having fun dancing or jumpin or doing all those weird poses in the latest spring summer collection outfits !!! that is so nice !! now i wonder more than ever, that if the we want change in fashion, it wont happen thanks to big company too lazy to move, to shake up things !!! so we have to trust and buy more little publications like Flair, Zoo who truly bring somethin fresh and rejuvenating in some ways !!
ps : I've noted through the last months that dressin in designers clothes kind of look like acting like a witch !! it's always very scary in some ways, dramatic also and surreal !! Is it that important having to look like a protagonist from a fairy tale to make a Jil Sander or Louis Vuitton dress look alive ??? and most important, does it makes people wanna buy for such expensive clothes that they'll never dare to wear for a shoppin spree at Wall-Mart or Target !!? life is unfair no !?