I've Got A Genie In That Bottle
0 comment Monday, April 21, 2014 |
what a wonderfull world ! that's the thing i could say about that website :
- www.nottobereproduced.com
the story is amazin and looks like a fairytale so listen !
so there's this young talented writer who's leaving oklahoma with his girlfriend to go to L*A trying to succeed and write books
however, his silly girlfriend (but she's gorgeous) spilled some water on his computer so they decide to sell some of her vintage clothes to gain money to buy a new machine. Then the neighbors dropped to add his clothes to the stock pile ! only vintage and big designers clothes and moreover, some socialites showed up !! like mario testino ! and that's how the story began....
now they sell alaia gowns, tom ford clothes, some stuffs from sergio rossi and helmut lang !! isn't it cool ! by the way, the pictures are always great and the red hair model is damn hot !! so i can only say once again : ENJOY

first picture with clothes from carolina herrera
then from emilio pucci and halston
and finally yves saint laurent swimsuit