Dont Forget To Return The Cellphone ! Yes It's Not Yours !!
0 comment Saturday, April 19, 2014 |

Make love, not war !!! that's is probably what John Galliano is tryin to say with those new pictures taken from his 2009 ad campaign for his jewelry line !! im lovin the sensuality, the flesh, the sexiness !! i just love how close the models are !!! and i adore the contrast between the boy dark skin and the girl white one !!! as if it was finally the end between discrimination and impossible love relations !! clearly genius !! i also note that we could possibly add a little text to it, using Cartier recent slogan : " how far would you go for love ? " !! and then maybe the girl could reply by sayin " marryin a black boy " !!!! and now it seems like black skin people are gonna become powerfull ( Obama election ) !!! but well my analysis is very superficial and quite easy !! but it's kind of true !!! no !!?
ps : it's funny how the jewelry designs are gettin quite exotic and poisonous !! some wild references !!! some natural elements !! or ethnics objects like knifes or guns......oh and the diamonds are no longer everywhere as before !!!! as if the new crystals and semi-precious rocks were fab !!! yes it is