Moi J'Ai Entendu Dire Que L'Amour Fait Souffrir, Que L'Amour Fait
Pleurer, A Quoi Ca Sert D'Aimer ?
0 comment Friday, April 18, 2014 |

im still wonderin why is Katie Grand not tryin to find someone to take the reigns at Pop magazine !!? it's just essential as this magazine is definitely mind-blowing !!! in fact since they launch it, we've always been so surprised and totally amazed by their stylish editorials, interestin visuals and strong covers !!! how are we gonna do now ? how are we gonna feed our hungry mag-addiction ?!!! god i still cant believe it !! but well as u all know, she joined the conde-nast group as the editor-in-chief of their upcomin new magazine called ' Love ' and i even heard some people from ID magazine are gonna join her !!awesome !! so let's wait till we can get our desperately sad hands on Katie last treasure !! oh please if u have a copy, share with us the content and make a review ! i wanna know Grand's latest Pop fashion news !
ps : there are two covers ! so let's pray the second one is much more elaborated !!!!!!! Katie come on :) reconsider it !! it's just a question of money !!! u dont need it anymore ! u get free couture clothes so come back to Pop !!