Get Back In Shape With The Turbo 587Xd Blast Power
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i guess everyone is a bit bored !! fashion changes, it's never quite similar but the faces are still the same !! so we're gettin accustomed and feel tired
well quit this blog then ! just kiddin ...oh no please stay dear friend
so the newest thin I've found is this new magazine
a french mag dedicated to the sector of jewelry and watch-making
it's quite trendy and aboslutely flawless for a mag
the visual content is interestin and there's some interviews of not so-famous people ! so i get they really wanna bring somethin new and fresher
thank u !! but it's name is simply adorable
here is " PLEASE " magazine
and look at this editorial I've found in
it's so parisian under the rock & roll influence !
oh and have u seen the model has tatoos on her arms !! that's so sexy on a girl !! back to Amy apologia