Ton Attente, Impatience, Accroche Au Telephone, Ce Premier Rendez Vous
Que Cette Fois Je Te Donne
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if fashion seems more about clothes and cuts and shapes...and gettin the latest it-bag or accessories that the world is craving for, i do believe and im not the only one that fashion is first a state of mind, a way of behaving, a kind of elegant mood mixed with refined manners that are definitely fashionable to look at. of course it's important dressing nicely when u go out, when u'r attending shows or getting ready for an important rendez-vous or appointment but what about life, at home, in bed or just outside tannin..? so I've been thinkin the true fashionista are definitely the one who always manage to look amazin wearing nothin or just dressed in designers clothes !! yeah new definition to elegance and style is on the way....