Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
0 comment Friday, April 18, 2014 |
Rachel Bilson is always here to make our days feel softer and much more pleasant when it comes to fashion
in fact, i believe she wears clothes very naturally, with her spontaneous way !! so it's less fashion as somethin Vogue and this and that
but more relaxed and okay for everyone around !! just remember the first time u saw her with that Chanel dress and believed she was just that other teen-queen diva among Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie !
not at all !! im not a lot into american fashionistas who seem to be more attracted to fashion cuz they wanna be adored and run after by designers than becuz they love fashion in itself !! but Rachel is different i guess
she's more charmin and cute
plus she's small so i guess she knows that only Kate Moss can act seriously about that !! no one else can !!!!!
so at the end, i only wish she'll succeed and make the right choices in her career so as to be more than an O.C trend !
check her interview in the new issue of Nylon magazine

dont u feel couture here and there already ?!