I Wont Let My Guard Down For Anyone Like U !! Blowin Up My Mind !!!! My
Love !!!!
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Lara Stone, your body is a wonderland !!!! ahhh im lovin all those supportive and caring comments comin from all over the people on the fashion spot website !! but i can easily understand !! Lara Stone is definitely the new Kate Moss from my point of view ! she the new icon, the new fantasm, the new doll !!! plus she succeed in less than 3 years in imposing a certain style in the glossy magazines, a certain way of behaving on the catwalk !!! Lara is the new sensation ! first she has the body all the men would love to touch and spend the night next to ! she's a woman, quite curvy for a model ! and with boobs as you can see !! she's the exception since models are suppose to be size zero and absolutely flawless !! in fact, I've got a friend who worked backstage with her and he said to me that she had a hole on one of her breast nipple !!! yeah yeah !! i promise it's true !!! she had a piercing before but got affected !!! then she's not good at all for the runaway shows !! which is sad in a way !! but yeah she's not confident on high heels !! and that's just another point that make me think she'll be very very powerfull !!! not many models dare to say it !!! then her smile !!! as cute as a baby girl !! so sexy and vamp like Vanessa Paradis !! that's what make me feel like she's the new model of imperfection !!!! the new Kate Moss !! she's also very speechless !! not divulging anything to the media !!! good point honey !! and now the Vogue Paris issue in february which will be dedicated to her !!! called " Et Vogue créa Lara " !!! yes vogue created her !! im sure her myth will grow bigger ! Vogue Paris and Carine are such influential trendsetters !!!! she's the new idol !
ps : big thanks to all the photographers and mag's editor who hire her all the time !!! yes it's nice to see her !!! she's also gonna appear in a very raunchy editorial with Travis Hanson !! excited :)