Je T'en Prie Ne Sois Pas Farouche Quand L'eau Me Monte a La Bouche
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That's always a pleasure with ID and their conceptual covers !! Miuccia, the italian genius, the smart lady, subtle artist, goddess of style....whatever !! we love her right !!? ahh thanks to ID magazine for this awesome april cover !!! i just dont think, no matter what people says that its a reference to Mona Lisa !! not at all !! but yeah there's somethin surrealist, very Duchamp, or an hommage to the dada-ism for prada !! yeah it's more somethin like that fellas no !!? So apart from that, i am lovin those covers, as an ode to the creator, the artist...instead of just doing the apology of the clothes and of the models ! wouldnt it be amazin seeing soon Nicola Ghesquiere from Balenciaga on Vogue Paris !!? Donatella, Valentino and Armani dressed as clowns for Vogue Italia by Meisel !? or Vivienne Westwood naked in Dazed & Confused !!!! yeah im kind of worry, seeing because of the crisis, all those immense talents dying !! we have to support the artist and their truly innovative visions, love and passion for creativity !!
ps : I've also done this post to support Olivier Theysken who has done an amazin job at Nina Ricci and who isnt suppose to be out now !!! what the hell !!! same for Thom Browne !! i adore him !!! finally an american menswear designer, avant garde and gifted who is in trouble ! that's not possible, we shouldnt let them like that :::!!!!!!!!!!!!! we ( fans, buyers, trendsetters, artists) have to do somethin