What A Feeling !!!! Bein's Believin ! I Cant Have It, Now Im Dancing
For My Life
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If my blog was a mag, i'd say those shots are exclusive but no matter what i say, those are exclusives pictures shot by my friend Joseph Bleu with Cameron Schultz, the new major models hottie !! making Cameron strip only for our eyes is just so great ::) !! what a gift !! haha ! plus that's a conceptual idea no !! and im lovin nudes so very much that i just couldnt prevent myself !! yeah i couldnt agree more with Bruce weber quote too!!
ps : tomorrow starts the parisian fashion week so stay tune fellas !! im attendin some of the greatest shows !! I've prepared lots of things !! it's gonna be awesome ! trust me

" I have the impression that people are not so free anymore. It's more as if today when you ask a person to be nude in a picture, you're asking them to call their grandmother first for permission. It's weird. Years ago you couldnt get the clothes back on people, today it's hard to get them off! I think in general the people are afraid to be nude because they dont understand how the vulnerability of it is very beautifull. " Bruce Weber