Let's Hope They Won't Get Any Tomorrow's
0 comment Wednesday, April 30, 2014 |
Sometimes i just wondered why are they launchin mags that looks so bad !! look at all those covers !! it's so lame ! it absolutely sucks
the american version should really worry and change it's name into somethin like " Motor " or " Cars " !! but not Vogue !! do they really know what does Vogue means ?!!!
the chinese version is ......the model or actor or whatever looks ugly and im sure there's nothin interestin in !! maybe except an editorial about kimonos or about unruly geishas !! but nothin else
and the indian version is way too classic !! it's exactly what gay mags are doing !! where is the fashionable side here ?!!
okay he's a famous actor but do they know what Vogue Homme International has done !! or what about l'Uomo Vogue ?!!
by the way i believe it could be pretty interestin makin a man Vogue version for UK !!!!!!!!!!
just imagine the cover with Agyness dress like a guy and makin love with Henry Holland !!! it could be so hispter ! everyone knows he's gay !! let's be provocative okay ?!!!