There's Only One Thing I Despise More Than The Beach !! It's The
Thought of Me On It !
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what an amazin Alber Elbaz quote that the last Numéro mag is givin us !!
just so wicked !! im so glad havin it !! i just couldnt prevent myself from smillin cuz it's not only Alber but Karl Lagerfeld too ! a nice conversation !
so when to giants meet, it's a real fashionable fireworks
it's full of funny remarks from both of them
as usually we discover Karl as the unpredictable one !! always talkin !! never stuck-up but definitely smart and the best at references !!
and on the other hand the big but nice Elbaz and his shyness !!
i just wanna hold him in my arms to thank him for his amazin collections
dont know exactly what i should add
except that u guys should click on the picture
u'll laugh and smile the whole interview !
a real pleasure !! so dont forget to purchase that issue too !!
after all, there's a life before, with and after Vogue no !!

another great royal portrait !! this time it's not Leibowitz !!
but a lot of people are missin here........