Ontem Isabel Me Libertou
0 comment Monday, April 28, 2014 |

Hey folks, so how do you guys feel ? well im excited, really really because im gettin ready for the fashion week ! yeah im attending a dozen of shows and i already feel so so stressed !! after all it's about the menswear parisian fashion week and i just care about this more than ever !! actually, i was suppose to talk like every season about the menswear shows of Milan but you dont know how much I've been disappointed !!! it was mainly black, austere, severe, dark....so so melancholic and only a few brands succeed in doing somethin interestin like Prada !! but we have no doubt about Miuccia do we ? but i feLl in love with the first menswear show by Gianfranco Ferre !! simply poetic !!! the colors were dark or metallic but in such a positive mood, in somethin futuristic and clearly avant-garde ! i just wanna wear everything but dark is sad !! but also chic !! Ahhhh but what to do !! so instead of complainin about the crisis and stop shoppin, I've decided the best way to fight against the economic issue was to be wearing bold colored clothes, think about somethin galliano would wear and love !! oh and dont forget a cute smile will always save your soul !! so play the game baby !
ps : i think the right solution is here with the amazin model Myf Shepherd in Numéro Korea !! i plan to put flowers in my hair !! no no aint joking !! I'll post a picture anyway !!! yeah think gypsie, hippie.....I'll have a garden in my hair !!! isnt that what fashion is suppose to be about ? CREATIVITY