Under The Sea And When We Were Out, We Were Like Fish Out of Water.
Rain Kept Us Alive !!! Aint Jokin
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what's fashion when u'r just copying, stickin to somethin u've seen or heard or read .....? well to me, fashion means nothin when it's not personal, when it has nothin to do with what u really are, with what's true about yourself !!? yeah fashion is a reflection of what we are, the mirror of the soul, a part of the body !! and if the pictures dont make any sense to you, it does to me !! yeah i think Vogue Italia is definitely the only fashion magazine pushing the borders, not just delivering models with cute clothes in sweet shots !! yeah it's deeper and sweeter ::) when the models start becomin boring and like everyone and the girl outside becomin the pecualiar one, the strange lady !
ps : finally i bet we would all love to be that amazin lady, that fab person, rockin star or glam people !!! but we all wouldnt like to become nobody