Salt My Wounds And I'll Keep Sayin Thank You
0 comment Wednesday, April 23, 2014 |
it's funny to see how Carine succeed in givin her daugther Julia, a place in fashion.
besides, she kind of succeed more than Wintour but that's not our problem right ?!!!! maybe it will change in the future ! let's see
but look at Julia Restoin Roitfeld
after being the face of "black orchid", Tom Ford's perfume
then being on the cover of Hercules mag with her brother Vladimir
she's has now scored a new prize : being featured in editorials

Vman's understood it and clearly felt she could be cool
so here for this editorials, showin some guys gold watches
the pictures are simple but powerfull
i just imagine how Carine was when she was twenty !!!
ps: it's very strange that the people in fashion who are more interested in skinny girls than whales has adopted Julia !!
she's even bigger than her mum !! ohlalalala