Gonna Destroy My Ego, Gonna Avoid The Cliche Yeah Analyse Me Sigmund
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Now with internet and scans, it's funny how fast we get pictures of magazines covers and editorials !! so this is the ID mag january 2009 cover !!! mindblowing huh ?!! yes every months im becomin obssesed with ID vision, creativity, originality !! becuz i have to say that fashion is about evolution, a constant change, a deep new aethete that we have to follow to be " stylish " !!!! but if the clothes shapes are different, if the tissues are more and more tecnically brilliant and avant-garde, the body or what the clothes are covering is still the same !! we change what's outside, what we can see but what's inside that is to say the body cant be transform !! so im always wondering how are people doin in fashion to make every years so many new ways to make us dream, to make us crave for one single piece, to make us work as hard as possible to earn enough money to be able to buy at least the cheapest Dior item ! and so when you look at ID magazine covers which are always featuring one or two or more people, who wink and look always gorgeous and fab !! you wonder, how can this be still possible !!? the surprise is always there at least this january issue is gonna make me fall for them once again !! i just adore the eye-patch !! i think if it's too cold outside, maybe it can look quite wicked no !? i heard it was from Christian Lacroix ! rumors or news ?
ps : oh and Eniko Mihalik is fantastic !! a bit Daria and Snejana !! pure beauty ! please more models on ID and not only there !! thank you