The Rose Has Deeth In Her Mouth And Eyes On Her Petals
0 comment Wednesday, April 23, 2014 |

i love every ID mag cover here with Anne Vyalitsyna and Boyd Holbrook shot by Matt Jones !!! well some are gonna comment as usually sayin im too easy and nice with the british mag created by Terry Jones, some may also add that i cant resist watching nudes shots of beautifull models or you will probably say that im Boyd lover which is totally wrong and false !! but im always wondering why is Boyd so popular and famous there !! i mean what about the hundred other guys at major, ford or red models agency ? moreover he's not that much talked about compare with some artistic guys like Christian Brylle for example who is truly amazin and talented i think ! but well im quite happy seeing they've done a kind of men's ID for february !!! but well there's the men's fashion week that starts in mid-january so it was almost predictable !! and im also happy they choose a pink-salmon colored Calvin Klein suit !!! but please what about being more risky choosing somethin high-architectured like Balenciaga or somethin simply more seductive and still feminine like Givenchy !!! i mean everyone is talkin about Tisci lastest collection and his guys with pink and black embroideries ! and little short !!! summer is gonna be exciting and transgender once again !! but let's hope we wont have to wait for the gay mags to feature guys tryin skirts, leggins......!!!!!!!
ps : i can already say im gonna be showin shots taken for the men's fashion week by myself !! it's gonna be cool !!! yeah yeah guys stay tune !