Pop ! Disco ! And Strass For A Saturday Night Life
0 comment Thursday, April 24, 2014 |
i know you may be fed up with winter having to wear cardigan ( a hit of this season),
coats, or furs (if you can afford). so i decided to make that post about those accesories that can make your life look more fabulous ! it doesn't mean your life has to be a rainbow or as if you were playing in one of mariah carey music video but it can look like !! in a good way in this case !!!
some silver here and there ! some light grey ! very pure
so there's one word and one rule : SWAROVSKI yourself !!!
here with a case made with black and white crystals by swarovski. very interestin, maybe for a new kind of james bond, maybe an ibiza one ! then a toshiba computer covered by swarovski. smart idea for a business man that doesn't take himself too seriously ! finally the pen drive by swarovski once again. maybe a bit too feminine but it is quite chic and so modern !

so if u don't wanna look strange with that, the best is clothes are here
a cool selection of metallic grey clothes !
first from burberry (so good)
then helmut lang and fendi
and finally the last outfit from costume national !! yuupee !