Hello, My Name Is Ray And U ?
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Marc Jacobs is America's best designer and favorite gay guy of the moment !!!! he's a real cartoon protagonist, muscular and tanned, with tatoos while smokin in New York city with his new Beau. it's a bit of a stereotype but it's more than true !! so that's the BIG PARADOX and yeah im lovin this
he's the man the world seems astonished by !! his collaboration for Vuitton with Prince or Murakami are just hits and iconic ! his own line with the support of artist Juergen Teller is another great thing for him
and it's feels like his lovin himself more than ever !!and has plenty of hot boyfriends around !! he's better than the lottery
but i do think it's funny to see how conventional and cliched he's becomin, compared with his visionnaire choices and amazin designin talent ! plus he has understood the power from the media, like Lagerfeld, therefore he knows how to get attention !
so i couldnt agree more with one blogger who once said that physical perfection of a conventional nature is once again, by extension the ideal, the road to success and happiness.
so please guys, check Ariel Levy's article about Marc Jacobs in the new issue of the New Yorker !!
ps : the russian lesbian duo Tatu have been chosen by Jacobs to represent his brand in Moscow ! hot hot hot ! gays and lesbians are back

" If you show your art, if you show your fashion, that�s also a very human thing, and, in terms of contemporary life and the twenty-first-century fascination with personalities, I like that I get out of that fashion-designer box and become, I don�t know, personality box or celebrity box. I love that! It�s fun " Marc Jacobs