Vanilla, Blackberry......My Whole Glass Full of Glory
0 comment Thursday, April 24, 2014 |

hey lads are you ready for a revolution !!? because to me, Swedish artist Sandra Backlund is just one of the new designer we'll be watchin ! dont u think it's so nice !!!! actually those pictures are taken from her new collection which is wicked !!! if only she was designin for men !! so of course it's not the best outfit if u wanna go shoppin at Warehouse or Target !! it's not necessary the right way if you're about to meet your husband family !! but imagine the feeling u'll provoke at fashion week havin that on !!!! of course you dont need to look fancy to exist !! but isnt life wonderfull when you can pretend you're someone else ? a modern way of livin...isnt it what everyone is interested in right now ?