You've Got The Green Light
0 comment Saturday, April 19, 2014 |

hey dudes !!!!! Paris fashion week starts tomorrow !!! god it feels really strange knowin im sittin at a few miles from the most amazin designs, near the most talented designers, close to the loveliest models.........yeah im glad, really delighted !! how is that new season gonna be like !! i feel like it's gonna be less crazy than usually ! the designs will probably be lighter, look much more clean, less extravaganza !! what's pure will work, will sell ! that's my motto for this fashion week !! im sure I'll be surprised tough !! Rei Kawakubo will do somethin as insane as usually (if only i was invited to her show), Galliano will look like Prada i guess !!!! the sensational Pugh will work more on the shapes and couture-like structure than to his gothic vibe !! everything is gonna be simple and quiet ! the enfants-terribles are gonna calm down no !!?? unless im so so wrong !! let's see tomorrow right !!? dont forget to check my pics !!
ps : i already feel like this juicy-rainbow-like spread from the latest issue of Another Magazine is soon gonna be called " overdose " !