Back To Reality ?......Oops It's All Gravity
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While I am curious as to what the pulled editorial / cover contained I can't help but think that this is an incredible cover and story. Fall issues should be a celebration of fashion - there is no need for added controversy or antics. Not that I don't enjoy salaciousness every now and then but sometimes you want a return to glamour. The Vogue heritage regardless of nation harks back to this sort of very pristine elegance. This turn is old Hollywood and in line with the golden age nostalgia that appears to be on the rise yet again. Viktoriya is the perfect incarnation of Jean Harlow's girlish charm. She remains so pure even with the vintage accoutrement and styling. The look is severe in its own special way but on her it's somehow softened.
I can't think of a more perfect way to usher in Fall than with an elegant return to form. There will always be time for controversy later - October is right around the corner.
Besides I think this is very fresh after the last two Sept issues. Its hard to keep upping the ante - people push and push but eventually they'll hit a wall. Controversy has its own predictability in some ways - just look at someone like Madonna, we've come to expect controversy from her so when it happens its not particularly shocking. Same goes for magazines - we've gotten used to the VI extravaganza being a certain way each September so this is surprising. In some ways this is even more shocking than an outlandish edit - Franca and Steven are masters of expectation denial.

i love love love thefashionspot for all the witty and smart people sendin comments !!!!! like the one I've picked upper ! it's just so true and frank ! i love his honesty and fashion analysis !
for me, the only problem i have with Vogue Italia is that i wonder if the editor-in-chief is really Franca or if it's Meisel ?!!! he's the artist and i dont see and feel any of her choices in the mag compared with Wintour classic and slick style or Roitfeld heroin-chic elegance
and moreover, Steven Meisel is too sucessfull and iconic to be blamed !! so it's pretty dangerous darin sayin somethin bad about him !! but well im kind of becomin allergic to his work at Vogue US ! so borin ! ggrrr let's start a petition !!