Congratulation !!! You're The Loser of The Year
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well did i mention how much i love Azzedine Alaia ?
probably not but here it's finally time
by the way dont worry if u dont get what is the link between him and Vogue Korea may issue 08 !! well it's simple !
there's an interview of him !! so he's not really talkative and he's not doin it a lot for the press
so it's always such a chance when u can get one !! plus it's for Vogue Korea !!
what does it mean then ?
i am goin to say it again but thanks to the recent rise of China, all the relations between western countries and asian one are gonna change
for the better for one part and for the worst for the other
let's skip what's going on in Tibet and the controversial issue of the Olympic Games.....but i guess the fashion world is becomin quite glad havin asians on their catwals !! even if they see them only for the money !! let's stop bein naive ok ?!!!!!! so it was normal model Han Hye Jin got a spread with Azeddine Alaia & Carla Sozzani
her black dress is fabulous !! but every Alaia dress is awesome and wicked and gorgeous and so très chic
i can easily understand why Naomi Campbell calls him " papa" ( that means dad in french)
so well if there's someone who speaks korean please let me know
i'd love to have the translation and i know i cant trust google !!!! gasps
ps: the cover is perfect !! maybe too US Vogue but the clothes are perfect, not too much, the rule of the " less is more" has been respected !!! Dieu merci