So Sorry Guys !!! I Apologize For My Lack of Posts !!! :(
0 comment Sunday, April 20, 2014 |

it's definitely becomin trendy striking the pose for designers to promote their brands !!! yeah i still remember ID cover with Devon Aoki and Jeremy Scott together !!! it was brilliant ! i also remember very recently Marc Jacobs nude but with Louis Vuitton graffiti all over his hot body !! soon iconic and now the shy but charismatic Rick Owens !! i love the first picture !!! with his face hidden ! it's always more powerfull !! and sells more !! i cant wait to hear one day people sayin they took a picture of Martin Margiela!! wouldnt it be exciting !!? the man behind some of todays most interesting designs !!! for the moment enjoy those shots by Nick Knight
ps : im sorry not posting as much as i could !! but I'll come back soon with lots of interviews and everything :!!!! love ya guys !