I've Made A Promise Not To Fall For Strangers !! However It's Harder
Than It Seems
0 comment Sunday, April 20, 2014 |

Models Guinevere Van Seenus and Boris have definitely raise the bar for the new issue of Acne Paper ! by simply strikin the pose nude in those renaissance time positions, a bit minimalist Michelangelo way !! just stunnin !! to be honest, I've never been a fan of Acne, since the name is just horrrible !!! i mean in french the word "acne" can be use to say a "spot" on the face !! ewww !! so well it has never been appealing for me !! plus im not really a fan of what they're doin ! i mean it's nice but.....ok well so so ! u know what i mean !! but well im quite in love with their covers tough ! always strong and sophisticated !! but not too much ! so well they really manage to create a mag that can be compare to Interview for example !! they mix interviews with designers, artists, visionnaire.....a kind of pot-pourri of many opposite influences !! and that's what makes it cool ! plus this issue is totally mindblowin from my point of view as they raise a very significant question " why is it still important to familiarise oneself with Old Masters ? Why is it still important to become aware of one's traditions ? ". Well enough said for today!! maybe when you'll get to your favorite library, u'll think about it before taking your new Vogue issue !! sometimes it's good to taste somethin else :)
ps : im so so so excited by the Lanvin Acne collaboration !!! released next week !!OMG im already broke but now it's gonna be the real earthquake in my bank account !!! oops