All Through My Wild Days, My Mad Existence, I Kept My Promise
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I made another discovery checkin the magazine Tush recently !! yeah i can hear everyone wondering if it's somethin new done by Jeff Burton for Vogue Hommes !!! but well, not at all !!! Armin Morbach is actually the artist behind those great and unconventional shots !! sometimes i wonder instead of laying down the watches and guys accessories, it would be better puttin them on models and shooting !! i just hate Elle for doing it every issue !!! please be creative and yeah, be daring also !! moreover i can admit it looks erotic or more ! but fashion is nothin but seduction !!! just look at Tom Ford campaigns and you'll be convinced !! and well in times of dark economy, everyone knows we have to rely on the marketing rules : sex sells !! therefore the shocked people should just turn the page or get accustomed !!! because there will be more and more wildness for the men !! in fact, you may havent really pay attention to this but there's plenty brands ! for example Gianfranco Ferre is gonna do it for the first time this month !! same for Rick Owens and Gareth Pugh ( i plan to attend his show but there's already tons of people who wants too ) !!! the hype parisian brand Balmain will also launch a menswear line !! but not this fashion week !!
ps : i think the last photo could have been taken from the Gucci collection, the one upper maybe from Cavalli with the leopard print of course !! then another italian brand, maybe Missoni or Etro !! then the guy wearing a jean for Dsquared ! and one from Dolce and Gabbana with the swimsuit !!! finally the first shot with the guy and his Armani suit !! so it made me wonder, is the fashion men world more influenced by the designs from Milan than Paris ? why ? the macho man ? the red blooded dude ?