And Who's On The Top of The Cake ??
0 comment Tuesday, May 27, 2014 |

new Vogue Paris is out !!! no surprise miss Kate Moss is on the cover !!
i heard in an interview that Carine was considerin Moss not as a model but as an icon
so i guess that's why she is twice a year in the mag
the second interestin thing to note is that Moss style has been done by Emmanuel Alt
i guess u know it's the fashion editor in chief of Vogue Paris
just under Carine !! and the more i read this mag, the more i realize Carine is lettin her direct and work on the best editorials
maybe she plans to leave Vogue

about Kate, i can easily see that she's growin old
no Kate please put some cream on !!!! and stop takin drugs and alcohol
but it's too late tough
so if they keep takin pictures like that of her
i guess we'll get really really bored
they should let her rest a bit and take lots and lots of naps
are the rock and roll days soon over ?