Born To Blossom, Born To Perish
0 comment Tuesday, May 27, 2014 |

Anna Selezneva isnt disappointing in this new editorial featured in Vogue Paris !! we've beeen just waiting for that russian babe to rule the catwalks but it looked like she just kind of disappear between the many gorgeous ladies during New York fashion week ! for those who didnt heard the buzz, she was one of the exclusive girls chosen for Calvin Klein and it seems like she didnt really glow ! people were really sad about it and so much effort has been made for her !! but nothing !!!! now that the fashion crowd has moved to Milan, it seems like we're more talkin about the new Prada protégé that is to say Ymre Stiekema who opened the show and Sigrid Agren who close it !!!!! so Anna still remains unknown but let's wait till Paris fashion week starts on saturday !!?
ps : what's fantastic about that editorial is that it reminded me of Charlotte Gainsbourg introduction poem in Madonna's song where she says " it's ok for a girl to look like a boy, but for a boy who loooks like a girl is degradin cause do you think being a girl is degradin ? " !im still fascinatin by that quote !!! isnt it true sometimes ?