Her Word Is Law
0 comment Monday, May 26, 2014 |

I've been waiting for this and finally Carine dress a model as herself, in the new issue of Vogue Paris !!! un délice like we say in french !! it's rock and chic ! it's a bit provocative and the energy comin from the photographs is impressin ! i love the black and white and it seems like Roitfeld really enjoyed doin this
every look is so perfect and good ! her black allure, strict and perfect ! sometimes classic with an edge ! a lot of leopard prints that she considered as the only print out of trends and timeless !! she used a lot of dangerous high-heels and her straight hair is fallin on the model face ! that's her signature !! there's even a little cigarette ! hahhaha a real french madam ! some pieces in leather to show her insolent atypic beauty !! i just hope she wont retire from Vogue soon ! and as u can see on the pictures, she wont let anyone control !