It Stinks Dad
0 comment Monday, May 26, 2014 |

i thought it was a nightmare but as u can see on the first picture, Carine Roitfeld, editor in chief of the great and iconic Vogue Paris allowed an orange pair of crocs on La Zimmermann feets ! Damn i simply cant believe it
i just think it's so degradin on Raquel and so degradin knowin that only the most amazin and couture brands are shown here
how can this be possible ?
is it another example of how Carine wants to show she can be influential ? and daring ? and non-conventional ?
after all, what would a survivor would wear if she broke her pair of Manolo and lost her Louboutin high-heels !!! because maybe u havent really paid attention or simply because u havent seen the entire editorial yet, but this spread deal with Raquel tryin to survive or live in the desert !! however i dont know she'll get fresher with furs on but.....why not ?!!!!!!!!!
at least the woman understood that she could be seen by animals or tourists or nomads if she wears flashy clothes !! smart baby
and i wanna thank Ryan McGinley for those nice shots
ps : im frustrated cuz those pictures have been revealed but we still dont know who grace the cover ?!!
is it a black model ? a french actress ? or a slav cold blue-eyed beauty ?!!!!!! good question ! oh and did u know in the new Vogue Russia issue that Carine styled some editorials !!!! maybe they could hire some interns like me instead !!? Carine has already her Vogue and Vogue Hommes International ! pff....workaholic